Rubbish on the streets?

Many residents have complained to us about foxes tearing apart bin bags and leaving a mess of rubbish on the streets.

If you see rubbish strewn across the road and pavement please report it to Guildford Borough Customer Services on 01483 505050  or

We’ve also received complaints about wheelie bins being left out on the street past collection day. We can all help by putting our rubbish and recycling out the evening before collection and wheelie bins should be brought in after collection. So, if you know of houses that are abusing this please report it to Customer Services.

Ultimately, it’s a real shame when the guidance for wheelie bins isn’t followed as it can make things very difficult for those using wheelchairs or parents with pushchairs.

Surrey students go litter picking

On the 13th of December a group of students from the University of Surrey went out in Guildford Park Avenue as part of a volunteer litter picking session aimed at making a contribution to the local community. The student volunteers ended up collecting five bin bags worth of rubbish during the session and are planning to make this a monthly exercise.

Student volunteers at the end of the session.

Student volunteers at the end of the session.

When I first set about organising this session I was incredibly encouraged by the large number of students who emailed me wanting to take part – although only a small number were able to go out this close to Christmas there are many more who are hoping to join in the January session.

When organising the session I was also lucky enough to receive help and advice from the university’s students union as well as the Do More and the People & Planet societies at the university who both promoted the session to their members and encouraged them to take part.

Of course, the ultimate goal will be for the organisation of these sessions to be taken over by the student union or a university society so that they become a regular occurrence.

But in the meantime I’m looking for suggestions of which area the next suggestion should focus on – anyone with ideas or suggestions should contact me (George Potter) using the details elsewhere on this website.