22,870 apprentices in Surrey help hit 2 million goal

It’s been confirmed that the number of apprenticeships created in the UK since 2010 has hit the 2 million mark with 22,870 apprenticeships in Surrey contributing to that goal. The largest ever expansion of apprenticeships is a signature policy of the Liberal Democrats who’ve backed it as a way for young people who don’t want to go to university to gain qualifications at the same time as earning.

This also follows news of Vince Cable announcing a £1 an hour increase in the minimum wage for apprentices.

Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Guildford, Kelly-Marie Blundell commented:

“Apprenticeships are a vital part of building a stronger economy and a fairer society. By ensuring young people are able to earn and learn, we give them the opportunity to get on it life.

“That is why I am delighted young people in Guildford, and across Surrey, have benefited from fantastic training and employment opportunities that apprenticeships offer.

“After finishing one, the majority of apprentices (85%) will stay in work, with two-thirds staying with the same employer.

“I’ve seen for myself in businesses across Guildford the benefit apprenticeships can give to young people and I’m delighted that over two million young people across England have been able to take advantage.”

If you’re interested in being an apprentice or if you know any young people who might be interested in one then visit the national apprenticeship website here.